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Are you looking for a high-quality wax treatment?

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People are usually not really looking forward to a wax treatment. After all, it can be a quite painful process. Beautician Monica Dinsbach from Moment4U in The Hague is very aware of this. She does everything within her power to make sure the treatment is as pleasant as possible. “Thanks to my treatment techniques and high-quality products, my clients are able to relax”, says Monica.

Leave the salon feeling fabulous

“Taking good care of your body on the outside ensures a more balanced inside”, says Monica. “People always leave here feeling great, because they’re nice and smooth.” We have a short intake talk at the start of the treatment, to discuss what exactly needs waxing and whether the client suffers from any allergies. “We focus on a personal approach here and aim to get to know our clients. It’s the only way to get the best results.”

“I help my clients with breathing exercises to minimise the pain during waxing.”

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Wax treatment instead of shaving and lasering

People often shave their body hair, or have laser treatment. We believe that waxing is a better option. Shaving makes the regrowth of hairs ever rougher. It can also cause infections. The long-term effects of laser treatment have not been proven yet, and this is why we do not use this method. If you have your hairs waxed, you always achieve a good result: the hairs grow back slower every time and become softer when they do grow back.

Reasons for wax treatment

The reasons for choosing wax treatment are diverse. Some clients have this treatment purely for aesthetic reasons. Others suffer from excess hair growth and feel embarrassed. Clients also come to us for the prevention of unpleasant body odours: body hair retains the odour of sweat for longer. It is important to return for several appointments in short succession after the first wax treatment. It is the best way to get perfect results from the treatment. After the initial period, the periods between treatments can be longer.

Wax treatment at Moment4U

“I help my clients with breathing exercises to minimise the pain during waxing. When I pull out the hairs in one smooth movement, I ask my clients to breathe out. This makes them relax. I can also play meditative music to create a relaxed atmosphere if the client wants me to. They can even grab my arm if that’s what it takes.

Flexible treatment times

We work with flexible treatment times. You can just walk in between 12 and 5:30. If there is a short wait, you can relax with a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit. You can book a morning or evening appointment if you are unable to come in the afternoons. We are open until 8:00 in the evening, so can always make time for your wax treatment. 

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