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Hand spa: let us look after your body’s tools

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Hands are the tools of your body. And for tools to work properly, they have to be carefully looked after. Most people don’t give their hands a second thought. Monica Dinsbach from Moment4U: “Hands have to endure a lot more than we realise. This is why we take extra care of your hands at Moment4U with a hands and feet spa, so that they feel brand new.”

The whole body

We use our hands all day long to hold and grab all manner of things. This could cause tired muscles, cold, pain, hard skin, flaky and cracked skin. These unpleasant effects can be felt throughout the body. Monica: “The first time I do a hand spa treatment, client often say: ‘I didn’t realise my hands were so sensitive!’ It’s a real eye-opener for them.”

“During a hand spa, it may happen that not only the pain in the hands is reduced, but also pain in the shoulder.”


Hand spa treatments

Our hand spa consists of two types of treatments. The basic treatment with filing and cutting of nails, cuticle care, removal of hard skin, a scrub and a cupping massage up to the wrist. A deluxe massage includes all the above plus a mask and a massage up to the elbow. For both treatment options we use organic products that have not been tested on animals.


“During a hand spa, it may happen that not only the pain in the hands is reduced, but also pain in the shoulder. This is because your whole body is interconnected through muscles and everything is linked together. I also stimulate the blood circulation, making your hands and the rest of the body warmer. As a result, the hand spa benefits your entire body.”

RSI complaints

Our hand spa is very beneficial for people who work with their hands a lot. In other words: everyone. It is not just builders or cooks that work with their hands, but people in an office too. Because they spend long periods working on a computer, typing for hours, they can experience RSI complaints. The hand spa is ideal for reducing such complaints. Monica: “Please feel free to drop by. We have walk-ins in the afternoon. We usually have some free time to pamper your hands.”

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