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Moment4U pampers you with these organic beauty products that have not been tested on animals.

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Are you looking for a beautician who uses high-quality organic products that have not been tested on animals? Then Moment4U beauty salon in The Hague is the perfect place for you. “I love healthy, natural products and I like the fact that they have not been tested in animals. It gives me a better feeling working with these products. Clients share my feelings and love the products”, says Monica Dinsbach, owner of Moment4U.

Beauty products - Brands

We mainly use the following beauty brands: Tea Tree, Anubis Care, Bellabaci and Switual Pedi Cooling Spa. Tea Tree oil comes from the Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia tree and has a medicinal and therapeutic effect. The oil inhibits fungi, viruses and bacteria. It is a very versatile product, with various uses.

“Tea Tree products are perfect before, during and after waxing. They prevent irritation and infection.”

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Tea Tree products

“Tea Tree products are perfect before, during and after waxing. They prevent irritation and infection”, says Monica. For instance, we use Tea Tree Bushbalm. This balm is suitable for the whole body and ensures that the skin regains its balance after waxing. Because of its disinfectant effect, red bumps are more or less non-existent. 

Anubis Care and Bellabaci cups

The beauty products by Anubis Care are used during cupping massages. This brand is so versatile that many allergies can be catered for. The cups themselves are from Bellabaci. “We chose Bellabaci cups because they are made from high-quality medicinal silicones. Thanks to this flexible material, it is easier for me to control the cups so that I can determine if a more superficial or more intensive approach is needed.”

Switual Pedi Cooling Spa

“We use Switual Pedi Cooling to really pamper hands and feet. It makes hands and feet silky smooth”, says Monica. This mask for hands and feet removes dead skin cells and has a hydrating effect. Depending on your complaints, we also put together a footbath for you with lemon, camomile, Himalayan salt, sea salt, ginger, cucumber, etcetera. 

Beauty products - Recommendations

Monica: “If you are curious about our products, you are more than welcome to pop by. We not only use our products for treatments, they are also for sale. I am more than happy to give you some advice and recommend the best beauty product for you.”

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