Cupping or cupping massage in The Hague

The Cupping Massage is an updated and simplified version of the ancient Chinese cupping therapy. 

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Cupping or cupping massage in The Hague

Cupping massage or cupping therapy is a modern variation on the traditional vacuum therapy. These treatments are for both body and face.

Cupping therapie of cupping massage in Den Haag

Cupping massage or cupping therapy

The Cupping Massage is an updated and simplified version of the ancient Chinese cupping therapy. We use this massage technique to stimulate the natural skin functions. The better the condition of the skin, the better the results from waxing


For healthy and resilient connective tissue

As well as a good preparation for wax treatments, cupping can also be used to fight cellulite, anti-ageing from within, stretch marks, tiredness, and aches and pains. Cupping is generally aimed at creating healthy and well-functioning connective tissue. Cupping is perfectly suited to facial treatments (rejuvenation). It removes small wrinkles, giving you a more youthful, fresh appearance and it also has a relaxing effect (not suitable for people with rosacea).

What type of cups are used for a cupping massage?

Silicon vacuum cups are used for the massage. The cup is placed on the skin, squeezed and slowly released, so that a vacuum is created inside the cup. By moving the cups in a certain order, we have developed a new and successful treatment with a relaxing and healing effect. Our method leaves no (or very minimal) marks on the skin, as opposed to the traditional cupping method.

If you have any further questions about the cupping massage or cupping therapy at Moments4U in The Hague or about our wax treatments, please feel free to contact us.

Cupping is often used for:

  • blood stagnation
  • Strengthening Qi (energy) and blood
  • stagnation in the meridians
  • fatigue
  • stimulating metabolism
  • its effect on skin and muscles
  • improving blood circulation
  • nurturing the skin
  • removing toxins
  • warming muscles
  • stiffness or arthritis.

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