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Moment4U looks after you

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It is important to look after your body properly. Having your body waxed and massaged recharges your battery for a while. Beautician Monica Dinsbach, owner of Moment4U in The Hague is well aware of this. We don’t offer standard treatments at Moment4U, but we ensure that you receive a full service. “I create a familiar environment for my clients, where they can feel completely relaxed. I listen to them carefully and give them what they need at that particular time”, says Monica.


Monica worked in care for years and has great empathy for people. She was a care manager in youth welfare and was also a vitality coach for a long time. She also completed a sports massage course and provided sports massages during the Roparun several times, which is a charity run between Rotterdam and Paris. Monica: “I always dreamed of starting my own business one day and to care for people in my own way. This is why I started Moment4U in 2015.”

“I strive to build good relationships with my clients. I am always open to a good chat and a cup of tea.”


Infinite dedication

Clients are not just a number to us. This is beautifully portrayed in our logo. An open heart over an infinity symbol. Monica opens her heart to her clients and treats them with infinite dedication. Monica: “I strive to build good relationships with my clients. I am always open to a good chat and a cup of tea. But it’s also fine if clients don’t want to talk. To me, it is important that they feel at home.”

Moment4U treatments

Monica is specialised in waxing, cupping therapy, foot spas and hand spas. The products we use for these treatments are all organic and not tested on animals. We feel this is important and we know that many clients appreciate it. What’s more, the products are of a high quality and they guarantee the right result.

Beautician The Hague

If you are looking for a beautician in The Hague and you come to see us, we will start with an intake. This is because personal attention is how we really distinguish ourselves at Moment4U. What are your wishes and requirements? Do you suffer from certain allergies? Your answers to these questions and others allows us to create a treatment plan. We will also provide aftercare for you after your treatment. This is how we guarantee you will have an all-inclusive experience. 

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