Moment4U looks after you

moment4u-zorgt-voor-jou-1-schoonheidsspecialiste-den-haag-Moment4U.jpg19 Dec It is important to look after your body properly. Having your body waxed and massaged recharges your battery for a while. Beautician Monica Dinsbach, owner of Moment4U in The Hague is well aware ... full story

Are you looking for a high-quality wax treatment?

op-zoek-naar-een-wax-behandeling-van-hoge-kwaliteit-1-den-haag-Moment4U.jpg19 Dec People are usually not really looking forward to a wax treatment. After all, it can be a quite painful process. Beautician Monica Dinsbach from Moment4U in The Hague is very aware of this. She ... full story

Healthy skin thanks to cupping therapy

een-gezonde-huid-dankzij-cupping-therapie-2-den-haag-Moment4U.jpg19 Dec The body’s largest organ is the skin, and it has to suffer a lot. It is important to spend time caring for this organ. Beauty salon Moment4U in The Hague uses cupping therapy to improve the skin’s... full story

Hand spa: let us look after your body’s tools

handen-spa-laat-de-gereedschappen-van-je-lichaam-goed-verzorgen-1-den-haag-Moment4U.jpg19 Dec Hands are the tools of your body. And for tools to work properly, they have to be carefully looked after. Most people don’t give their hands a second thought. Monica Dinsbach from Moment4U: “Hands... full story

Foot spa: the extremities require a lot of attention

voeten-spa-de-uiteinden-van-je-lichaam-hebben-veel-aandacht-nodig-1-den-haag-Moment4U.jpg19 Dec Feet are literally at the foot of your body. We use them for a whole lifetime. Looking after your feet with extra care is very important. The Moment4U beauty salon in The Hague treats feet to a ... full story

Moment4U pampers you with these organic beauty products that have not been tested on animals.

moment4u-verwent-jou-met-deze-organische-en-dierproefvrije-schoonheidsproducten-1-den-haag-Moment4U.19 Dec Are you looking for a beautician who uses high-quality organic products that have not been tested on animals? Then Moment4U beauty salon in The Hague is the perfect place for you. “I love healthy,... full story

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There is free parking until 13:00 from the Lubeckstraat up to the President Kennedylaan and in the side streets.

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